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E700 Endless Pools Fitness Systems

Ready to Make Waves?

The E700 lets you go big. The E700 gives the most expansive swim spa environment for total-body fitness. Our Endless Pools resistance current comes standard, which means that the ability to gain strength and muscle tone without straining your joints is built right in. You’ll have the versatility to train, recover, and improve.

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It’s hard to describe how exhilarated you will feel after a rigorous aquatic workout, but your body will certainly tell you. Your heart pumps. Your muscles are stimulated without being sore. And your mind feels clear. This is the beauty of having continuous access to aquatic fitness from the comfort of your home.

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Like the other premium models in this series, the E700 blends modern design with innovative features. Choose our exclusive Underwater Treadmill option for total-body, low-impact fitness. Inside its extended swim and exercise area, the E700 gives you all the room you need to move and make endless progress.

E700 Endless Pools Fitness Systems



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