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We are specalists in all kind of pools.

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We provide you the pool of your dreams without any construction process. Fast, Clean & Quality Pools Everywhere.



We are specialist in the design and building of pools. Pool Spas Nerja manages all the process in the pool construction.

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The best option to keep clear and warm your pool. Combine it with our heated pool systems to enjoy your pool 365 days a year.



Having a space to rest and at the same time exercise is ideal to disconnect, be able to relax the mind, exercise the body, discharge tensions and even isolate yourself from the routine in a unique and personalized place. We offer you the possibility to create an exclusive space, suitable for your needs and the desired design, without sacrificing functionality and giving you greater performance.

Whatever your vision, the one that best suits your home, tastes and desires, our team will bring you to life on the site you want. Our technical office will be happy to guide you to the best option for your project. From initial design to expert finishing, we are committed to delivering beautiful, custom pools on time, on a tight budget and with minimal complications.

It’s all up to you. We can also propose a terrace, a patio, a pergola and host of other options.


Above Ground Pools

The fastest way to have your quality pool without any construction process to have it in your house. We are Official Dealers of the exclusive quality LUKKA pools.

They are a great option, because their installation is simple, clean and fast, without complicated works, always without losing the high standards of quality and control, they can be installed in various places, be they gardens, attics or terraces.  


Manufactured in fiberglass of the best quality offered in the industry today. They exceed the strict standards of quality, environment, construction and safety required by current regulations. Fully compact and reinforced with metal structure, offering greater safery in its use and guaranteeing great strength, durability and total sealing. They also have an interior enamel based on specialized paint that will extend their service life.


We have functional designs easily adaptable to any lifestyle and budget. Without forgetting the option to customize it with roofing, landscaping and cladding, thus creating an oasis of tranquility and enjoyment.

Pictures of our works and theis installation

Heated Pool Specialists

In Ground Pools

The installation and construction of a swimming pool can be tedious for a home or business. Our technical team offers you a complete and turnkey service, backed by our extensive experience, making the process as easy as possible.
We can guide you through the different options and help you choose the one that best suits your wishes.


The facilities are economical and fast, without losing the strength and durability.

They require little maintenance, lasting for many years and also offer great security.

We have the best suppliers and professionals in the design, manufacture and assembly of fiberglass pools, so we can advise you and inform you at every moment of all the details.

Manufactured in fiberglass of the best quality offered in today’s industry. They exceed the strict standards of quality, environment, construction and safety required by current regulations. Fully compact, using high quality materials for each shell. They offer safety in use and guarantee high strength, durability and total sealing. They also have an interior enamel based on specialized paint that will extend their service life.

We offer unique designs with exclusive finishes with standard sizes or adapted to your space. Ask us without obligation.

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Pictures of our works and theis installation


Concrete pools are cheaper than you might think in principle and generally offer many more possibilities to choose and customize shapes, colors and accessories.

Concrete offers an almost unlimited selection of shapes: from an overflowing vanishing edge, aesthetically taking advantage of the terrain’s sloping terrain with elegant curves and shapes, to classic and functional pools of geometric straights.

With the possibility of adding caves, access beaches or even decorative waterfalls that will give you the feeling of being in the middle of nature.

All ours swimming pools are built according to the highest standards of quality, environment, construction and safety required by current regulations, using only the best materials to satisfy the wishes of our customers.


Our technical team offers you a complete service. We will accompany you throughout the entire process, from initial design to turnkey, working in constant collaboration to help you realize your dream, always committed to obtaining excellent value form money in the creation of custom pools, and backed by our extensive experience, which allows us to make the process as easy as possible.

Discover how adaptable and beautiful a concrete pool can be.

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Pictures of our works and theis installation



The pool covers provide you more benefits that you could expect. Do you want to know them?

Safety & Security

If you have children or pets at home, a pool cover provides you the warranty that they don´t fall in the pool.

Temperature Protection

With a pool cover you can preserve the temperature of your pool during the night, even warm it during the day.

Clean and Save

Keep clean your pool for the bugs and leafs that fall into your pool and protect it from others weather issues.

What kind of Pool Cover you need?

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Roller Pool Covers

The roller covers are easy to put it on an off with the easiest roller system. Also we have automatic covers.


Kaboo Pool Covers

Custom pool covers adjust to your needs and desires. We are exclusive official dealers.

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Elevated Pool Covers

Ligths and elegants covers easy to put and save. They function as heat collectors.

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Automatic Slat Covers

The high resistance slat covers allow you to cover your pool with an elegant design.


Pool Blankets

They completely cover the pool protecting the pool from falling leaves, impurities and animals.

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Blanket Mousse Covers

This cover floats on the water without moorings, it remains embedded on the interior of the pool.

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Pool Products Store

We have a lot of products for the pools. We are official dealers for Zodiac.

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Robot Cleaners

heated pool

Pool Heating

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Pool Filtration

water treatment

Water Treatment


Pool Automatization


Why Pool Spas Nerja

We started our business in 1989 as “Piscinas Nerja” (Nerja Pools), after a process of innovation and expansion, we became called “Pool Spas Nerja in Málaga”, improving the quality of our products and professionalism in services.

Our main objective is to take advantage of all the benefits of water, focusing on health and well-being through exercise and relaxation. We are currently working with brands that have provided us with durability, performance and confidence, proof of this has been and is the satisfaction of our customers.

“A treasure in our hands”.

Therefore, our team is willing to help you find the way to meet your expectations, desires and needs. Consider it done!

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