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Caldera Spas

Caldera Spas are considered the best hot tubs due to their excellent design and manufacturing in the United States.

Caldera Spas

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Official Distributors of Caldera Spa in Spain

Our reliable, high-performance spas are designed for comfort, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance.
so you can focus on enjoying your hot tub more often. Every characteristic – from the efficiency of a heater to the
of a heater, the brightness of an LED light or the versatile jet options, have been designed with that in mind.
The Caldera® difference is in the details. We believe that once you have experienced Pure Comfort™,
design and performance of your Caldera spa, you’ll want to make it a part of your daily wellness routine.

3 Hot Tub Series that adapt to your needs.


The benefits of spending time in a hot tub or spa are substantial. 20 minutes a day in a Jacuzzi can help you feel refreshed by improving your health and mood.


Soaking in a hot tub does more than create a relaxing experience. There is real science behind the benefits of hot water immersion. "Hydrotherapy" contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy®

Similar to muscle work in training, our Jacuzzi® Circuit Therapy helps you relax and transform pain-holding areas, from feet to shoulders and neck.

Time Together

Enjoy time with your family, partner or friends at any time of the year thanks to your Caldera Spa. It is more than a jacuzzi, it is a meeting point where good memories can be created.

Your Hot Tub in the color you want



Choose your Preferred Series and Model

Utopia Series by Caldera Spas

A unique combination of high-performance details make each Utopia spa an easy-to-use, low-cost hydrotherapy center. It is the most ideal personal care experience, and a visually stunning garden focal point All models are ready to be used with our simple and intuitive FreshWater® salt system for longer lasting, natural water.

Paradise Series by Caldera Spas

The high-quality models in the Paradise series offer a mix of mid-range options and features for complete restorative relaxation, and can also be combined with the FreshWater salt system.

The perfect balance between equipment and investment.

Vacanza Series

Vacanza Series models combine many of Caldera’s signature comfort and quality features, offering daily refresh at a great value.

They have the basic Caldera equipment but their quality and equipment are above any competitive Hot tub.

Authentic Made in USA power at the best price.

3 Series of Spas with 6 models each.

Caldera Spas has 3 series depending on the needs of each person. From the most basic (Vacanza series) that surpasses any of the competition in quality, performance and equipment, to the Utopia series created for those people who seek superior quality with exclusive products designed for those who are most demanding.

Hot Tubs Made in the USA of the highest quality

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