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RecSports SwimSpas - R Series

Make activity a pleasure with RECSPORT® recreation systems

Our R-Series by Endless Pool

Our Swim Spas R-Series

What do our R-series models offer? The perfect balance between leisure, relaxation and resistance. You’ll have the ideal destination for family fun, pool parties, and time together. Powered by three airless jets, our stream is designed for recreation and aquatic training. Each model offers quality, versatility and exceptional value.

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R-Series by Endless Pools

No matter the time of day, we have you covered: Family time. ‘Me’ time. Relaxation time. Go time. The RecSport® R200 swim spa provides the any-time opportunity to sink into total mind-body wellness, right at home. As our most affordable swim spa, it puts the power of water within reach.

Inside our R200, you can enjoy low-impact aquatic exercise, family fun, and swimming with our optional tether. Then you can sit back and relax with five ergonomic spa seats with 27 hydromassage jets. When it’s time to party, invite your friends, because this swim spa comfortably fits up to 10 adults. Whatever your mood, the R200 from Endless Pools is your new at-home destination.


R-Series by Endless Pools

We believe that fun should be active. Something to get the blood pumping, invigorate the spirit and put a smile on the face. That’s why we created the RecSport® R500 jet spa. Your family can enjoy gentle, effective exercise, relaxing hydromassage jets, and quality active time together, at a surprisingly affordable price.

Three airless swim jets provide the ideal resistance for workouts and tethered swimming. When you reach your limit, five ergonomic spa seats with 27 hydromassage jets await to help you relax. The R500 gets your family moving together for fitness, relaxation, and priceless memories.

SwimSpas Made in the USA of the Highest Quality

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