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  • 2019 Caldera Vacanza Celio Artic White Parchment 3 4 View
    The Celio’s unique lounge and dual-facing captain’s chairs, combined with the space saving dimensions make it the perfect spot for conversation or relaxing. Its signature comfort seating includes a deep EcstaSeat® and angled calf jets for a powerful hydrotherapy experience. FiberCor® All Caldera® Spas feature FiberCor® an innovation that revolutionizes spa insulation. Applied at 2lb. density, FiberCor® is 4-times denser than regular 1/2 lb. Urethane foam. EcoTech® cabinet The exclusive EcoTech® cabinet, with its rich color and ribbed panel design offers a contemporary look that is extremely durable. The Foot Ridge® The Foot Ridge® support provides a convenient anchor point to help you remain stationary...
  • Spa Jacuzzi Caldera Spa Capitolo
    A lounge for both of you! Great value. Seats 5, 115v/20 amp, 23 powerful jets, waterfall, lights.
  • Caldera Vacanza 2019 Marino Articwhite Parchment Studio 3 4 View
    Six adults fit comfortably in the Marino, a popular Vacanza® Series spa with 35 hydromassage jets and a surprising range of features that make caring for and enjoying your hot tub a simple pleasure.
  • Caldera Paradise 2019 Kauai Artic White Java Studio 3 4 View
    Named for an island popular among vacationers, the Kauai® redefines easy living. The Kauai hot tub seats 3 adults and features the UltraMassage® lounge and EcstaSeat®. Powerful spa jets and conversation seating makes the Kauai a popular 3 person hot tub. With 20 Euro jets, 5 VersaSsage® jets and a powerful ReliaFlo® 2.0 HP pump, the Kauai is a powerhouse of pleasure.
  • Caldera Paradise 2019 Martinique Artic White Parchment Studio 3 4 View
    The Martinique® is spacious and contemporary, with a roomy lounge, generous jetting system and enhanced Foot Ridge®.
  • Caldera Paradise 2019 Seychelles Artic White Parchment Studio 3 4 View
    The Seychelles™ is a mid-sized lounge spa for 6 that boasts a spacious interior, versatile seating and an ample footwell featuring the unique Euphoria® Jet massage and Sole Soothers®. With 43 hydrotherapy jets, this dual pump spa offers a powerful hydrotherapy experience.
  • Caldera Utopia 2019 Tahitian Articwhite Slate Highangle Nostairs
    Many describe the Tahitian® hot tub as “just right.” Whether you are planning a party or looking to complement your workout routine, the Tahitian spa won’t disappoint. Relax in this model knowing that it’s loaded with hot tub features that you’ll enjoy day-in and day-out.
  • Caldera Utopia 2018 Geneva Articwhite Sand Highangle No Stairs Layered Shadow
    The Geneva® is a luxury hot tub featuring a spacious interior that seats six adults. The comfortable Ultra Massage® lounge and foot massage jets feel amazing.
  • Caldera Utopia 2019 Cantabria Articwhite Slate High Angle Nostairs With Shadow
    The Cantabria hot tub, by Caldera Spas, comfortably fits 8 adults and features the UltraMassage™ lounge with the customizable UltraMasseuse® System. This jetting system will make you feel like royalty. Create your personal spa experience with six different jet sequences and three speeds.

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